It is high time the controversial SAC decision on ReTs is revoked with immediate effect and a new out-of-box strategy is put forth to absorb the controversial lot of ReTs, writes Sheikh Umar Ahmad


Education is a tool through which a society can witness success and development. Through education, nations leap to traverse the adversities of life and improve living standards. The standard of living can be changed, rather upgraded through interventions in educating the youngest lot of the society and by contributing in research and development. This is only possible if we keep lighting the lamp of education in the State. If the nation builders come up with new reforms in educating the people of their states and by delimiting the possible contraventions that limit the outreach of education to each and every section of the society irrespective of their socio-political or religious affiliations, then all-round development is obvious.

Contrary to this, the State’s Education department is following the policy of deceit and demonization. They do everything possible to shut off the mouth of educated lot of the state, to curb their freedom of expressing and their inner voice to serve the society in best of their capacities and to contribute in the biggest possible way through reformation in education and technology. The policymakers come up with anti-youth and counter-employment policies to appease their peers. One such decision is a recent State Advisory Council’s regarding adjustment of ReTs on existing posts in the State’s Education department and creating some 29,000 plus supernumerary posts to get them all absorbed. They were all appointed out of nothing, cutting the throat of unemployed yet educated lot of the society. The adjustment of some 41000 ReTs would extinguish the thirst of youth to achieve big in life and deliver best to the society at large. This will not only impact the rising positive trend of education in the State but also impact the already burning issue of rising unemployment in J&K. If this order is not revoked or something better not comes up for the rescue of youth who are waiting for jobs, they will turn to express their resentment in a rebellious manner.


Over the years, the School Education Department has been facing immense difficulties due to multiple cadres of teachers, requirement of additional funds to meet salaries of both the SSA and RMSA teaching faculty, and a host of other related issues which were directly or indirectly impacting upon the quality of education in the government-run schools and leading to avoidable chaos and confusion among the teaching fraternity.


After much deliberations, an action plan was envisaged by the SAC committee that recommended formal merger of 526 posts of headmasters and 3132 posts of subject-specific masters created under RMSA with headmasters and masters in the School Education Department, conversion and up gradation of the existing 4522 direct quota vacant non-teaching posts in different categories as teachers, creation of 28,363 supernumerary posts of teachers with the stipulation that these supernumerary posts should subsist till completion of appointment and transition of eligible RReTs as regular teachers, and thereafter should cease to exist on the adjustment if these supernumerary posts are against normally arising vacancies.


The School Education Department has also been authorized as a one-time exception to fill certain vacant posts of lecturers by the promotion of eligible PG teachers and masters in the relevant disciplines to enable utilization of the resultant vacancies of teachers for appointment and transition of RReTs as teachers.


This initiative though thought of being taken in the larger interest of the teaching community, and purely as welfare measure does not consider contra-indications. The School Education Department has also been granted a one-time exemption for making regularization, confirmation and promotion of the officers (backlog and fresh) in respect of each gazetted category without referring the cases to the JKPSC and DPC. It also sought that the School Education department would encourage such RReTs as do not possess the requisite qualification to acquire it within a specific timeframe so as to upscale them as regular teachers.


Though this landmark decision is envisaged to enable streamlining the cadre of RReTs by transitioning them in the regular cadre of teachers and meeting the salary deficit of SSA and RMSA teachers, which is over Rs 1400 crore per annum. But can any official who is privy to this fact respond appropriately that till these all RReTs are regularized on these posts, what will be the amount of potential candidates who will turn over-aged in wake of their non-adjustment in the education department and who have been eying the same from the past 10 to 15 years, only to get every degree attained by them to be deceived and disappointed for none of their faults.


Does this situation not force the youth to turn agonists. This decision will seriously have ramifications in the time to come. No one opposes adjusting youth as ReTs. However, what about those who were appointed out of non-existent vacancies in the past, only to get the whole share of a deserving lot of educated yet unemployed youth of the State. If the establishment is serious enough to streamline the potential of youth and tap it for the betterment of the state and state subjects, it is high time this controversial SAC decision is revoked with immediate effect and in suppression of this policy, new interventional and out-of-box strategy is put forth to absorb the controversial lot of ReTs.



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