By Javed Dar
While there are no exact official figures about the nonlocal labourers working in Kashmir’s brick kilns,  rough estimates suggest that thousands of workers are engaged at these kilns across the state.
A migrant labour working in a brick kiln in Kashmir
Pic Credit: Javed Dar

The living conditions of these labourers at these kilns is unhygienic and hazardous. The brick kiln owners are not providing them any health and other facilities and they are also tight lipped about the health condition of the labourers.

At least 10 million labourers in India are employed in the unorganised brick kiln industry, working under unhygienic conditions.
As per Delhi-based environment think tank, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), the entire family is involved in brick production and they get Rs 400-500 for 1,000 bricks.
Although the industry provides employment to a large number of people, it violates their rights as the labourers are underpaid and exploited.
The long hours of hard work don’t pay off either as the workers and their families do not have proper housing and sanitation facilities.


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