Zoology-101 amid COVID-19

Syed Murtaza Rabbani, a teacher from  Hakaniabad Kupwara, has started online teaching for Zoology students during the times of social distancing. He talks more about his innovative initiative in a brief interview with Kashmir Scan.


What is the actual idea behind the initiative that you have started?

The actual idea behind this initiative is to teach online Zoology to the students of Classes 11th, 12th and NEET during this time particularly when they are not able to attend normal classes at school or other institutes. 

Why did you start this initiative?

I started this initiative to help the students so that they could achieve excellence in their studies and become successful. 

  How is the response?

I have got a very good response since I have launched this channel some days before. Every lecture I uploaded on YouTube was seen by more than a thousand people and the channel already has over 500 subscribers. 

How long you will continue it?

I will continue it during the COVID-19 pandemic and even beyond that. I have no plans to stop it.

Is there anything more you are coming up with?

In future, I will try to impart practical knowledge by visiting the various ecosystems which will be helpful to the students.

Any message for the students?

For any success, studying well in 11th and 12th standard is just like the heart. If one’s heart is strong then s/he can reach any milestone in life. I request them not to waste this golden era of their lives.
If they can afford smaller sacrifices for their studies during this phase of life, Insha Allah, they will be rewarded with elite success later on in their lives.


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