Farooz Ahmad Lonesketches a youth, who is helping the needy and the neglected.

He sat up in a straight-backed chair, held the guitar with his legs by cradling it in the body, stabilized the neck of the guitar with his left hand in a way to move his left hand smoothly up and down its neck without having to hold it up, caressed softly with his right hand its bridge and body. His fingers ultimately hit the strings after having tuned it and a sound struck the ears of every student and teacher around.

The reaction from the audience was pretty quick.

“Babar, Babar, Babar, Babar…,” some students chanted his name amidst hooting and whistles by others at a concert organised at Nadim Memorial Higher Secondary School Kaloosa, Bandipora.

This concert, like several other live recital concerts, was conducted with the efforts put in by Babar to showcase his talent in lieu of a little money from each student at their will.

When the event finished, every student doled out some of their money to Babar and his comrades.

“Almost each student, after the concert was over successfully, willingly handed out some of their pocket money,” Babar says. “As they (students) knew that it was not only for the concert’s sake but also for a noble cause.”

Babar explained that the noble cause behind it was that the money collected was to be given for the charity and assistance purpose to a sufferer, an extremely down and out cancer patient from Pattan area of Bandipora district. And the money collected was credited to him.

This was not the only concert or the first time Babar conducted for the purpose of charity.

In fact it’s the end of his singing as Babar says it in his own words, “Singing for charity is my motive. I sing for the entertainment of everyone to benefit the needy and the neglected.”

Prior to this, Babar recalled aiding, by means of singing, an orphan girl in her tender teenage, after having learnt about her sympathetic and upsetting condition.

“I learnt about an extremely innocent girl from one of my classmates. He took me to her home where I came to know fully about her soul-shocking conditions. I was really moved and my eyes moist. It was like every tragedy has been deposited in her account,” Babar says.

The girl resides in Bandipora, about a dozen kilometers from Babar’s residence.

She works day and night to run her family.

Her family composed of six siblings, her mother has passed away and father, who was a lone bred earner, been slapped with PSA after the 2016 uprising.

She is eldest sister among six siblings and has shouldered every responsibility at such a tender age.

“When Babar was back after the visit to her home, he immediately organised a concert in the Boys Higher Secondary School Bandipora with the permission of its Principal to collect money for the assistance of the girl,” says Basit, friend of Babar sitting beside him.

Whatever money Babar earned was donated to the girl the very next day, Basit says.

Likewise, Babar helped an elderly impoverished women living in his neighbouring village Quil, Bandipora.

Babar has donated more than Rs 3 lakh to the needy and the neglected ones apart from the help he does through his Youtube channel and Kashgraph, where he provides account details of direly needy ones so that viewer-cum-donor could directly donate into their account.

Hailing from a beautiful village Dachigam of district Bandipora, Babar is a 23-years-old boy. His real name is Mudasir Hassan Dar. However, people call him with his nickname, Babar.

Furthermore, Babar was brought up in his ancestral village Dachigam where he completed his education up to 12th standard.

Singing has been Babar’s passion since his childhood.

“Singing has been my hobby, passion and inseparable part of my life since my childhood days. I used to sing on the streets loudly without any shyness or fear for which people called me names like Mad, Mad Rockstar etc,” Babar says recalling his childhood memories.

“People calling me names used to anguish me. Later, I got used to it and now this is the reason why I named myself as Babar: The Mad Rockstar,” he says. “When I was in the 12th standard, my unabated interest in music and singing compelled me to ponder whether I should pursue singing or not. I posed a question to myself – can I do it?”  Babar says. “The answer came from within and it said, ‘Yes, you can.’ From that day on, in 2013, I commenced to perform on stage anywhere I get a chance to exhibit my talent.”

Speaking of his inspiration and idol, Babar says, “I have no particular artist or singer as my idol nor do I follow anybody. However, I like the best works of artists not withstanding whoever they are. And I think I am my own inspiration keeping in view the hurdles I have gone through.”

Belonging to a middleclass family, Babar says he confronted many difficulties in the way to pursue his hobby.

He also denied any support from his family and the then close friends except one: his cameraman, editor and now a closest friend, Aabid.

“Apart from concerts, I and Aabid keep eye on online music tracks selling websites like Amazon and others and buy affordable and suitable tracks. The rest work – writing lyrics, composing them, singing them and acting before the camera – is mine,” Babar says while readjusting his stylish Afghani Pakol Pakul hat.

“After recording songs and editing when everything is completed, we upload the song on our YouTube channel, KashGraph,” he says.

Babar has many songs like ‘Gah Choan Pewaan’ with above half a million views.

He says that approximately a year back, some of the videos with more than 250 thousnd views had been deleted on his channel which “discouraged” him and due to which he lost interest and remained detached for a couple of months.

However, Babar has started “afresh” and is currently working on new songs.


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