Dal Lake is largest water body in Srinagar, which is uniquely placed. It has majestic Zabarwan hills in the backdrop, whose mirror image is clear in the crystal waters. Dal Lake opens up tourists to a vast range of mountains on a clear day. Spread over 11 square km area, the lake extends from uptown Dalgate to downtown Rainawari and to beautiful marble shrine of Hazratbal.


Shikaras in Famour Dal lake. Pic Credit Ajaz Rashid

Boulevard around the lake takes tourists from one Mughal garden to another. Setting sun is a major attraction. Thousands of photographers are seen immersed in the beauty of the lake. From rows of houseboats to central island of Char Chinari, housing four chinar trees, the lake changes its colors with the sun changing its direction. People love to see golden lake when setting sun rays provides it golden plating of sorts. 


After water surfing and shikara ride, musical shows at Zabarwan park is always soothing and refreshing. In summers, all places around the lake buzz with visitors and steaks eaters. Lotus flowers, which is eaten as fruit after it ripens, sells like hot cakes on the floating markets housed in the lake itself. It is a scene to see lake dwellers crisscrossing shikaras to make purchases of vegetables from floating gardens in the morning. The lake and its bewitching beauty has many tourists hooked up in all-wood and nicely embellished houseboats every summer. From houseboat top tea stalls to shopping from mobile boats, lake stay is most cherished among tourists.



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