There was a time when mothers used to get the topmost respect in the society for going through one of the most terrible pains known to mankind – the labour pain. Our ancestors have been telling us that the labour pain a woman goes through during a normal delivery is as acute as a fracture of 2016 bones in one go. However, as time changed, we hardly find pregnant women opting for a normal delivery. And the reasons are many!

These days most women prefer C-sections over normal delivery. For them, this is the easiest way to avoid pain. In private hospital of Kashmir, almost all expecting mothers deliver babies trough C-sections because that way the hospital charges, which include surgery, medicines, at least three days of rest after the delivery mounts manifold over a normal delivery.

Contrary to Jammu Kashmir or India, developed countries prefer a normal delivery for a baby over a C-section. In those countries, the hospitals charge more for a normal delivery than a C-section. As per the health guidelines of many developed countries, normal baby delivery requires putting in much more efforts and is more time consuming for both the doctors as well the expecting mothers than a surgery. However, in the longer run, this procedure is far better for the health and physical condition of the mother.

Kashmir is witnessing an alarming surge in the number of caesarean sections, a dangerous trend according to the world health norms.

In the government hospital, mothers usually are delivering the babies normally but in the private hospitals, doctors recommend caesarean sections and mothers too opt for the same, making it easy for doctors and private hospital administration as well.

It would not be wrong if we term this practice exploitation by private hospitals. Adding insult to injury, everything is happening under the nose of the government, which prefers to overlook the fact that the private hospitals almost witness 100 percent C-sections and zero percent normal deliveries.

The governments are responsible for the larger good of the people, and in a welfare state, it is a moral obligation of the government to see to it that neither the mothers nor the doctors have the choice to take a short cut to avoid the pain or to make more money.


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